Georgia Rising was a very successful campaign by The Good Deed Corps* of nonpartisan civic engagement during early voting for the Georgia runoff election from Dec 14th 2020 thru Jan 5th 2021.


The Good Deed Corps organized a small brigade of three dozen passionate and knowledgeable volunteers who staffed three bold and distinctive Georgia Rising “Every Vote Counts” trucks in Atlanta, Savannah and rural southeast Georgia. (We are proud to have employed local vendors who had been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.)


While operating with strict Covid protocols and within the parameters of Georgia election law, we offered free coffee, hot chocolate and donuts to one and all. This allowed us to engage in relaxed, one-to-one, nonpartisan discussions that greatly increased civic awareness and helped lead to record voter turnout in the state.


*The Good Deed Corps is a fiscally sponsored project of Jumpstart Labs, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.


(All funds raised in excess of those needed to support the Georgia Rising campaign will be directed toward future civic education and engagement.)