Georgia expects long lines once again at their early voting locations, and the hot coffee and donuts on a cold day will encourage relaxed, COVID-safe conversations with voters and inspire them to text or call three friends or family members to remind them to vote (a little something to do while waiting for their order to be ready!). This method has been shown to increase voter turnout by 2% to 8%.

The boldly branded coffee and donut trucks will come from the community, bring in local revenue, and safely serve coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts while mobilizing voters.

Our trucks will serve as a one-stop shop to empower, engage, and inspire voters during the runoff. We’ll support voters who face obstacles to casting a ballot, and we’ll offer tools to encourage friends and family to vote.

The trucks will be instantly recognizable by their distinctive chocolate-frosted design wrap and “Georgia Rising” logos. Not only will we be promoting democracy, we’ll be employing local vendors who have been hit hard by COVID-19.

Our goal is for each truck to engage between 500-750 voters each day – that’s 3,500 to 5,250 voters each week in a state whose last election was decided by 12,000 votes.

To that end, we’re working with Roaming Hunger, the premier mobile food truck industry expert.

They have experience mobilizing the people that they feed in a COVID-safe way having produced “Pizza to the Polls,” “ feeding the 2020 election campaign,” and the “Black Lives Matter Conversation Trucks.” In their “Pizza to the Polls” campaign alone,

Roaming Hunger produced 68 specially branded trucks that served 856,747 free meals across 275 polling  locations in 29 U.S. cities over a 9-day period, serviced by 460 trained staff.