In 2021 we helped Georgia achieve record turnout numbers with our highly effective style of relational organizing.

Our boldly branded coffee and donut trucks allowed our knowledgable volunteers to engage Georgians in relaxed, Covid-safe conversations.
This gave us the opportunity to provide the nonpartisan information and assistance that thousands of would-be voters needed to cast ballots in the January runoff elections.

The trucks were instantly recognizable by their distinctive chocolate-frosted design wrap and “Georgia Rising” logos.
They served as one-stop shops to engage, empower, protect, inform and inspire Georgians to participate in the civic process of voting and encourage their friends and family to do so.

Our trucks traversed Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Chatham and Bryan counties and barnstormed through rural southeast Georgia the week before the election.

The Georgia Rising campaign not only promoted democracy and significantly increased voter turnout, it also utilized the well-honed skills of battle-tested field organizers from around the country and employed local vendors who had been hit hard by Covid-19.

We’ll bring our voter engagement campaign back to Georgia this Fall where we plan to build on our successes of 2020-21.
Look for our chocolate-frosted trucks!